Wales v Czechoslovakia


no.datescorescorers (wales)venue 
21601/05/1957Wales 1-0 CzechoslovakiaVernonNinian Park, CardiffWCQ
21826/05/1957Czechoslovakia 2-0 Wales Stadion Československé Armády, Strahov, PragueWCQ
29321/04/1971Wales 1-3 CzechoslovakiaR DaviesVetch Field, SwanseaECQ
29927/10/1971Czechoslovakia 1-0 Wales Letenský Stadion, PragueECQ
33130/03/1977Wales 3-0 CzechoslovakiaL James (2), DeacyRacecourse Ground, WrexhamWCQ
33816/11/1977Czechoslovakia 1-0 Wales Letenský Stadion, PragueWCQ
35919/11/1980Wales 1-0 CzechoslovakiaGilesNinian Park, CardiffWCQ
36509/11/1981Czechoslovakia 2-0 Wales Stadion Evžena Rošického, PragueWCQ
40629/04/1987Wales 1-1 CzechoslovakiaRushRacecourse Ground, WrexhamECQ
40911/11/1987Czechoslovakia 2-0 Wales Letenský Stadion, PragueECQ
44728/04/1993RCS 1-1 WalesM HughesStadion Bazaly, OstravaWCQ
44908/09/1993Wales 2-2 RCSGiggs, RushArms Park, CardiffWCQ

Following the creation of Czechoslovakia at the end of the First World War, the Czechoslovak Football Association became members of FIFA in 1919 and took part in the 1920 Summer Olympic Games tournament in Antwerp.

The first meeting between Wales and Czechoslovakia came during the 1958 World Cup qualifying tournament which saw both sides advance to the tournament in Sweden.

Following the dissolution of Czechoslovakia on 1 January 1993, the Football Association of the Czech Republic (Fotbalová asociace České republiky) was recognised by FIFA and UEFA as the successor to the Czechoslovakian national team, however, in the World Cup qualifying campaign for USA 1994 the newly independent nations of the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic competed as the Representation of Czechs and Slovaks (RCS).

Welsh players to have made their debut against Czechoslovakia:


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